Help! Cleansol BC isn't working

Gutter butter or Dragon Juice… What made you think Clensol would work. I’ve never even heard of anyone trying that.

I seriously appreciate this type of response. Lots of times it does work out great, but when you get to those tricks man… Your style seems favorable. Lol I’ve been researching this business for 4 years but only doing it large scale the last month or so and hands on experience and time can never be underestimated. (This particular job is a huge one for me and the ONLY thing he called me for was the stripes) hurt my heart a little to fail. But I’m keeping my chin up and waiting on the manufacturer to hit me back.

Good thing is that the customer was pretty understanding and still trusts me. I was very transparent about my process.

The manufacturer says so…that was why I looked into it cost-wise. That was a no go, so we never bothered testing it in application.

Seriously? My power wash store says they are pretty similar products but that cleansol does a better job :thinking: they got gutter butter. I’ll grab some and try it out I guess.

They rec mixing about 15-1. I’d start there. But Jason says they use 10-1, so you may need to experiment. Just mix in a bucket, dip your brush in and wipe it on. Shouldn’t have to scrub much. Maybe couple of light passes.

You guys must be bodybuilders.

LOL, I’m with @Clean_Blue . I don’t offer gutter whitening, though I will brush the ones over front door if it’s a one story. If my little 11’ pole won’t easily reach then it’s a no go. 30’ pole just for wasp nests, lol.

Full scope of my situation :sob:

All my estimates say the same thing, that my house wash mix will normally clean most gutters but I do not remove tiger striping. I learned to add that tidbit from this forum. Read several stories about guys trying to clean guttters then going to buy paint because something went wrong.

I believe that it was IBS (trying to credit my source) noted the difference between aluminum and enamel gutters. Enamel ones clean up really well, the newer off the roll out of the box truck ones don’t seem to clean as well.


Wow, you are a lunatic. I don’t poke wasp nests with a stick, I stand way back and blast them with the hose ready to run to the truck. I’m also a little sensitive to stings, after the third one I start blowing up like a balloon.



This works very well. Wasps die on contact and the nest and all wasps inside melt right off.

Watch the wind, it can change directions suddenly. You do NOT want this in your eye. Believe me. The exact feeling can be described as someone scratching away at your eye with a fork for 3 days and 3 nights nonstop. It’s worth busting out the goggles.

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I’d be concerned about the gutter grenade dripping onto the decking of that second story.

Do yourself a BIG favor and practice on your own gutters or a friend’s first. Otherwise, there’s a good chance you’ll strip the paint on that house. There’s a learning curve to using that stuff properly.


I just blast them with the hw mix. Problem here is they like to build right in corners and we have a lot ventilated soffit here, so you can’t shoot at them very hard because of the soffit. Plus they build some tough nests, over about 15-20’ hard to knock down with water


Worst thing there is the upper gutters above that pitched peak, the rest looks pretty straight forward (asuming you can walk on the porch roof anyway)

We just go by the label…but TBH dwell time is probably <1 min most of the time…so you can definitely try it weaker IMO. Even if you’re not taking the paint off, if you fully remove bad striping, it will almost always leave behind where it has marred the finish of the paint. Leave crap all over your car for years, and see if you can’t still tell where the spot was when you remove it… :joy:

If I recall, Cleansol rec’d 4:1, and costs like 20% more…so I’ll save it for the oxidation stuff…

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Final result with Gutter Butter in pic.

Guess the stain is deeper than the oxidation and this job I have handed off to my favorite property restoration team that has a crew for the “scouring pads method.”
Me, as a one woman crew could not handle 625 ft in a day by myself.

I suppose either Cleansol BC or gutter butter would have worked about the same had it been fresh enough. ALSO, the manufacturer got back to me and calls it atmospheric soil accumulation aka tiger striping, which we already knew… And some BS home Depot style products recommended.

So much money spent on chems and gas to get out there but the customer handed me 100 bucks each visit for “diagnosis” and the learning experience was worth it. Thanks everyone for chipping in on advice!!


I mix separately in a pump sprayer. Apply to my brush and apply on the gutters……