Help! Cleansol BC isn't working

This house is already emaculately clean with just one request, oxidation removal.

Cleansol BC is not working, I’ve put 10:1 (after the initial 4:1 and even q-tipped it straight for a test and have found no results besides a little dirt runoff.

If these marks aren’t oxidation, then what the heck?

Also tested with straight 12.5 SH

No signs of shiny gutter, still working with paint.

He says the gutters have baked on enamel paint from the factory.

Pic shows test spot and rest of gutter, slight effect from straight CleansolBC but nobody could afford that much damn product. Plus, seems dangerous to go that crazy for less than full effect. Working on 600+ linear feet

Any suggestions?


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Pics updated

That’s tiger stripping. Degreaser might work but it’s easier to just tell them to repaint them


Repaint? Lol. Not so sure about that. Did try degreaser on your suggestion and that didn’t work either.

He says he once they got em clean with simple green and those green scouring pads but was hoping a professional company could do it quicker and better.

Now with my crap results he’s wondering if those pads were just taking off a layer of paint. I’ll be calling the manufacturer about this. The whole point of these fancy enamel baked gutters is to “never have to repaint them”. :roll_eyes:

Gutter brightener is used to fight those “tiger stripes”. I use F13 Gutter Grenade, but there are other products out there that work similarly.


Gutter Grenade…my go to.

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Without a doubt they were…that’s what scouring pads do, lol. Also, when left untreated for too long, the tiger striping eats away at the finish on them too. We clean them all the time and people get upset they can still see the stripes…apparently they didn’t care at all for years, but all of a sudden expect them to look new again… go figure. We use 10:1 Gutter Butter on them, maybe a tad stronger mix on occasion (but you have to rinse quick!).

As for the oxidation, you’d have to provide more info/pics there. Usually oxidation is pretty obvious to the touch.

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Your pictures look like normal mold/algae that always comes clean with normal house wash. Almost every house with white gutters I do look like that. Did your house wash not clean that and after you went with F13?

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I don’t have F13, I use cleansol BC. Tried qtip tests of gold assassin, straight SH, and straight cleansol BC.

Wondering if any of y’all have tried effects of cleansol BC against either gutter grenade or gutter butter?

I’ve already packed up and left for the day but will call the manufacturer and see about this special paint and report back. Thanks for all the suggestions!

(I have removed tiger stripes plenty of times on normal factory painted aluminum gutters with great like-new results) This particular case the paint is so thick it has a slightly textured finish.

I looked into using Cleansol BC instead of Gutter Butter, but more expensive product and a much lower dilution ratio…so both factors increased cost a LOT. We do use the Cleansol for the occasional oxidation though…

I do my usual housewash and tell the customers to call a local company that specializes in gutter whitening if they have tiger stripes. They have guys that physically get up there with ladders.

Russ at Southside said I’d need something with butyl in it, not sure what Cleansol has.

I think that’s what Gutter Butter is, probably Cleansol too… we put the brush on the WFP and give them a swipe then rinse. No ladders req’d.

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You must have a really long WFP. No way I could do that here. A lot of my houses look like this…


Be careful with some of those products. They will take it down to bare aluminum if not used correctly.


Wouldn’t buy them if they weren’t at least 30’. Typically they’re 45 footers, to have enough strong sections to handle the tasks.

That’s about the average house we get though 4000sf, 3-stories out back, etc. A couple from today:

They absolutely will, and they’ll do it quickly too, lol. Definitely have to err on the side of caution with them.

Housewash does the organic stuff no problem. But only 1 in 10 of my washes ask for the stripes to be removed so I do t have tons of real clear/close up photos of the ones I’ve done, but the one above is probably my clearest.


Cleans up real nice when they’re only that bad…it’s the ones people let go for a decade then expect them to look like that after…those are maddening.

This won’t help with this job but in the future just don’t do gutter brightening. I had people ask me if the tiger stripes come off. I tell them no. They are permanent stains. I guess if you don’t have a lot of work and your looking for the upsell this also doesn’t help.