Hello from NY. I am in WCR and WCRA and never ventured over here yet. I dont know what took me so long…

Welcome Dave. Are you doing pressure washing as an add on too? That’s why I am here. Nice bunch of folks.

He is here to infiltrate. Welcome brother.

Hey, Dave!

Phil…I have been doing a lot of soft washing homes…but am adding roof washing this year. I figured, why not learn from the best! PWR.
Thad…I have to PM you something.

Thad…just realized I cant PM you yet…not enough posts…lol

Nice, glad you finally made it over!

What kind of roof cleaning system are you thinking about purchasing?

Email me at thad@pressurewashingresource.com or text me at 601-329-5819.

Welcome, any time you want to come Up to Albany and wash roofs with us you are more than welcome. Also check out the Albany Pressure Washing Seminar March 15 th and 16th.[SIZE=1][/SIZE]

Dave, try to make it up to Albany. Also there is a pressure washing class the two days before the event.

Are you going?

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HA! I just asked you the same question on the deck thread.

Yes, I’m going. Bob and your friend David browbeat me into it!
So is Chris. PWRA is a sponsor and I heard a rumor that I’m going to be speaking.

Haha nice, I was up in the air since I haven’t worked in two months I didn’t realize all those guys were going so I think I definitely will now. It’ll be great to see you. Originally it was looking like only a bunch of northeastern people…too much NY and NJ for me hah

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