Hello to all

Hello all my name is Billy jensen and im based out of tampa fl. My company is florida condo cleaning also know as H2O i have been in business for 5 years now primarily servicing condos and apartment communities . I read alot on forums i have come to realise each one has its own strength . From what ive seen on this forum there is a very strong group of marketing hero’s on hear. This is somthing i have zero experience in within the service industry and would love to learn. I started my company with 500 door hangers and thats were the advertising ended. No website no presence on google at all no mailers. So it would appear i have much to learn and cant wait. My goal is to take my company to the next level in 2013 and i dont believe i can do that untill i get a handle on the advertising .

If you’re looking to take your company to the next level you are in the right place.

Welcome Billy

Welcome Billy!

Hello Billy

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looking good man! Truck is huge! do you guys not get messed with by the DOT?

3 or 4 times a year i get to site on the side of the road for an hour or so while some DOT jerk molest my truck then tells me i can be on my way now. 90 percemt of the time im well under dot guild line . The other 10 percent of the time i stay on back roads. That truck spends most of its time parked at the job sites

Cool set up Billy, welcome

It’s good to have you here, Billy.

Tell us a little about that rig… I’m assuming you’re using an air powered diaphragm pump?

Condo Billy. I like it.

Trucks a F650
45 cfm diesel air compressors
1- 1inch 35gpm AODD transfer pump price
2 -17 gpm 1/2 inch AODD roof pumps all-flo
1 -12 gpm 3/8 AODD acid pump all-flo
2 -8.5x3600 cold water pressure washers
1 -500 gallon supply tank
2 -125 gallon SH tanks
2 -50. Gallon OX tanks
1 -325 gallon tanks for either additional water or SH
6 -electric reels
Soon the 8.5x3600 units are coming of and being replaced by 12.5x3000 units
I wish i could wrap the truck but we do alot of work for general contractors and the really like that it has no company information on it so people assume it the general contractors doing the work instead of a sub.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys and if i can help anyone especially in roof cleaning please let me know. That is our primary service and we do over 1million sqft of roof cleaning every year

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You just made my 9 GPM air powered all-flo and 12v roof cleaning pump seem like toys.

Welcome to the PWR community and thanks in advance for your input.