Hello Saturday

Happy Saturday guys… whats everyone up to today?

My brother and I are continuing our warehouse move, working on getting stuff up on shelves and trying to get the place organized… Should be done soon.

Going to try to start a brick cleaning job but the rain is moving in quickly so I’m not sure if I will get much done.

Google creeping on property managers… :wink:

seriously though… ive been up since 5am

Worked late last night so I could get going real early on an office park then woke up to the rain…so I cooked grits, eggs, sausage and toast and then went back to sleep.

Did some pressure washing volunteer work at my church. Statue of Mary & some concrete cleaning.

I sit in my rocking chair in my shop fixing little pieces of equipment that where breaking doing an out of state parking garage(only a little over an hour from me) and figuring how to show others what’s happening that’s industry related and it’s all goooooooood!!