Hello! Intro +some tips and help would be nice. :)

Hello y’all!

My name is Stephen. I own and operate The Green Galyen Pressure Washing Service. I have been in business about 2 months and I am BRAND NEW to all things Pressure Washing! I am quickly learning that it is more than just spraying water on a house. I am from Tennessee, I run the business by myself, and I am LOVING every minute of it!

So I have a few questions. Any help would be greatly received!

I have a Husqvarna 3,100 psi 2.8 gpm Washer(got it on sale at Lowes) Not an incredible power machine, but at the moment it is doing the job for me.
Some general questions I have:

1.) What are some general pricing? for Flatwork, houses, gutters, boats and decks
2.) What is a good soap/cleaner to use on those items mentioned above? (currently I am using Monster Green and Clorox)
3.) What is a good surface cleaner to get for the above mentioned washer? (I am not happy with my current surface cleaner)
4.) How do I get out spots such as the picture below? This is from a very mossy/moldy sidewalk. It was entirely black before this picture was taken. I have sprayed right down on it, very close, and those spots won’t budge!

Thanks for any help given! I have been learning a lot just by reading post on here.

The Green Galyen

Hey I’m new on here to I’ve been pressure washing a few years off and on the last year I took over my fathers biz we use a strong sh 12 percent we spray wash then spray again and most stains come out this site is great good luck

Since I am so new, what Strong SH?

Welcome Stephen!

Strong SH is industrial strength bleach, typically 12%. You can usually get it from pool supply forms in the form of chlorine. Try doing a half and half mixture with water and go up with the SH as needed.

Hey Stephen, I am pretty new to house washing too. Started with window cleaning and has progessed to doing house washes. My best advice is to read aplenty of this forum site. You will learn a good bit like I have and get questions answered from some good people who do this day in and day out.
I can answer a few questions from my limited experience from what I’ve done and what I own. Your machine is on the small side but will get you by and make you some money to eventually upgrade. My second piece of advice is to go to PressureTek.com and buy yourself a downstreamer kit for your size washer (there’s plenty of threads on downstreaming), a nozzle kit to apply your chems, and a gallon jug of Eliminator.
Basically, your going to be applying your house wash mix at low pressure with the SH (sodium hypochlorite-it’s what makes bleach bleach), water and the Eleminator (a surfactant-soap that will keep bleach on wall). Strong SH is basically a higher percentage, again plenty of threads on that. I buy my bleach at Dollar General, off brand stuff with 8.25% sodium hypo, in gallon jugs cause I don’t do enough to buy in bulk.

As for a surface cleaner, I bought a Whisper Wash Classic 20" diameter, a very good cleaner. A little pricey but quality built and will outlast the cheap ones out there. (It will pay for itself pretty quick-one of my better purchaces!)Although your machine may be a bit small for it.

Pricing I found is kind of what you think you need to make an hour, and experience will tell you about how long it will take to do certain jobs. You probably aren’t near that $$ now, but after you buy a bigger machine, hose reels, etc. you’ll be whipping jobs out pretty quick.

But like I said, read through this site (there is a search bar to find specific threads), cause there’s people here that’s forgotton more than I know about this stuff.

What they said!

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I second everything cashriver12 said.

As for pricing, try to aim for 10 cents per square foot (maybe a little more if they’re rich :p).

Don’t under bid yourself. Charge a fair price & you’ll do fine. Under bidding will hurt you and this industry.

John Devine. allwashedupny.com