Hello, I am nate, I live in pacific nw,

Hi, I am nate in puget sound i5 corridor of washington. I have power washed a pretty long time, but only recently year ago decided to expand on equipment and started learning bunch of new stuff, to me, from youtube mostly and this forum a little bit here and there, helpful forum, thanks everyone!
So as I have tried various new things I have started to be a little stumped with a question or two, and finding the answers harder to come by, or actually, would like to hear other people’s opinions or experiences. I visit the local power washer store sometimes, but I think my questions must be strange or something. maybe. Sometimes maybe I think I am getting to old for this stuff. I have tried here and there looking for helpers, and maybe teach them about power washing. I also stained cedar stuff a lot, and squeegy window cleaned over years, now wfp sometimes. Ok, thanks,


Your in the right place , 20,30 years of experience on here and they all have opinions. Good luck and ask away.

Thanks! Those are some forum stats you have there. I am ready to start a thread with a question on vibration in 8gpm 24 hp trashing hands with gun washing whereas 4 or 8 at 13 never had this side effect. I’m not good at finding in forum search so was curious to start thread on this.