Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to take a second to thanks and I’m new to the business don’t have a business yet but hopefully by next summer have a successfull business. I have done pressure washing on and off on the side for about four years and learned alot about it. It’s seems though finding this site and others I DON’T Know as much as I thought LOL. Would like to meet alot of new people and learn from all. I live in WV and not alot of Pressure washing businesses around here. I think I would do really well. I have ask some people for advice but alot of people just don’t care if you start your own business. I am happy to find this place and look forward to talking to all of you. Thanks alot …Joshua Nichols Left Hand, WV

Right on, Joshua.
Glad you made it.

Hello Joshua
Welcome to PWRA.

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Hey Welcome Joshua!

Hello Joshua and welcome to the PWRA

hello friends.