Hello everyone! New here. Advice needed!

Hello everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here. I hope that utilizing these forums and years of wisdom will help me make a living and provide for my family while delivering a quality service to customers.

My name is Josh and I am a 30 year old Navy Veteran. I spent a year in the restoration industry running a business with zero capital bringing in a gross of 100 grand this past year. It was a partnership of which I withdrew and I cannot see myself working a normal job again. I am an entrepreneur at heart.

I have the opportunity to purchase over 15 grand of equipment for 4 grand. The unit is a RK-43C RAHSCO Hotwater/High Pressure system that pushes 5.2 GPM. It comes with a 14’ trailer, 300 gallon water tank, a large extraction unit, dams, waste water containers, extensions for wand, tips, two 100’ hoses on reels and a surface cleaner. It has been sitting a few years in the back under tarp and has a total of 1 hour time used by owner. It looks to be in really good shape. Needs new battery and I plan to take it to a small engine mechanic to make sure everything checks out.

I plan to start by marketing cold water services such as concrete, driveways, vinyl house wash, and deck washes until I get some training for hot water services.

Do you all have any advice on early services to offer as a newcomer to the industry and what I should train to provide asap with hot water capabilities. Also any marketing advise would be invaluable since I am limited on my budget for this startup. I just want to begin by paying off my debts and putting food on the table. If I do better than expected and have future growth then even better.

Any words of wisdom/invaluable start up knowledge to help me avoid common pitfalls welcome!

Thanks everyone! Glad to be here.


Welcome. Go Navy. Use the magnifying glass up at the top. It’s basically magic.

My suggestion on services would be to limit it to 3 until you get really good at doing them fast and well. After that you probably won’t have to add anything. Heart surgeons make a lot more money than general practice doctors. One got really good at one thing. The other just had to meet bare minimum state requirements to earn enough to live in the burbs and pay a student loan bill higher than their mortgage payment.


Thanks @squidskc

Would you think not using hot water capabilities at first would be all that detrimental? The guy who I am talking to about this says the liability insurance goes up and that hot water is a whole other ball game. Is hot and cold all that different?

My insurance is the exact same whether or not I use hot water. Do your due diligence on that.

If you can swing hot water, go for it, but you’ll find you use it a lot less than you use it. Cold water is fine for 80%-90% of what will make you money.

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Hey man are you in Texas? That Rahsco was built by powerwash.c out of Ft. Worth they now brand their machines under the name Delux. I’d be hesitant on purchasing that skid without bringing in up to pressure. If that coil had water left in it and it froze it’s done son. Buy it as a cold water machine unless you can get it running at his place.

@dperez Yes he got it from Texas and only used it once as he thought he wanted to start something and instead did something else. He ran the system out of fuel and ran anti freeze in it. He seemed to know what he was doing but I will keep that in mind. I still think for 4 grand everything is else is worth it. It should still push cold water at 5.2 gpm. I wont get it running though until I put a battery in it and then see. Its possible. I hope that’s not the case.

Cool man, sounds like my kind of project! You could also just use some jumper cables off your truck to spin that starter. I’d never run a 12v burner as they are just too finicky for my taste and I don’t like the idea of running a clutch on it but I’m sure it will all get you going pretty good. The 18hp Vanguard is a bad lil engine. Here’s to hot water and good luck with it, I hope it all works out.

@dperez Awesome. Thanks man! So from the specs though the engine and washer isn’t a bad setup if it all works with minimal costs into repairs? I bought a AR-15 once and then after the company got a bad rep and the rifles value just dropped out. I just want to get started in the trade. Learn it from the simple stuff and work my way up to more profit. I planned to use just cold water starting anyway the hot water just sounded like a bonus. I am building my business plan around starting out with House washes, concrete/patio/driveway clean, decks and gutters. Would like to eventually get the setup to wash roofs since where I live in Northwest Arkansas there are a ton of trees over homes here.

+1 on getting it running first. It wouldn’t take long to see if it has pressure and makes heat. If the seller doesn’t want to mess with hooking a water hose up to it bring your own along with a jump pack or cables as mentioned above. If he still doesn’t want too I would look for something else. I would have a hard time throwing $4k down on something without knowing if it will even start, create pressure, and hot water. Who knows, he might’ve bought it for a grand because the whole thing was 8’ under water last year. For all you know the engine is shot, everything electrical is corroded, and the pump no longer creates pressure. At the very least see if the cold water side works as it should.

If you no longer want the ar I’ll buy it at its current value!

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@marinegrunt Sold the AR to a buddy about 5 years ago. It was a redjacket I believe. Anyway it’s solid advice. I will talk with the guy and see about getting it going at his place first. The odometer thing (I know its not but it tracks time used) was only over an hour and I know he purchased it brand new in Fort Worth from the manufacturer after he went to school for a week learning how to wash restaurant hoods and vents free of grease or something. That’s what he bought it for and decided to start something else. I will try to jump it and see whats going on. Great advice everyone. Thanks

@marinegrunt also man I was an FMF corpsman at 29 Palms back around 2010-2012 with 1/7. Thanks for the advice brother.

Mobywash, once you pinned your device you became a “DOC” to me. When I was deployed to Ramadi in '06 I help our BAS Chief run 14 through the gauntlet on weapons for their FMF badge. We had 12 pass the murder board and actually we relieved 1/7.

Good memories. Not 29 Palms, it was terrible. My marines made it all worth
it though. We all suffered together. I was with 1/7 snipers. I loved every
bit of it.

Gotta love our Doc! Yeah, not the best duty station but I sure had a lot of fun. There was a lot to do within a few hour drive in a bunch of directions but got expensive especially when going to Vegas. I’d hate to know how many slices of Domino’s Pizza I ate and how many beverages I washed it down with during my time there.

There was a guy from my town who was with 1/7 but not sure if he was still out there in 2006 but think he was.

Edit: Actually, I think the guy was with 3/7.