Hello Everybody

My name is Sonny, and I am an alcoholic…
Wait, am in the right place…
Just kidding, my name is Sonny, I am in beautiful Memphis, TN.
I am embarking on a venture to start my own pressure washing business. Starting out very small right now, looking to grow as soon as I can afford to . I work full time on a fire department, so I roughly only work there 10 days a month. I won’t have much as far as overhead, so hopefully I can be competative with my pricing. Looking for all the tips and tricks I can find. Glad to be a part of the group!

Welcome, Sonny

Hey, Sonny!
Welcome and dig in.

Thanks For sharing Sonny (AA Joke)…Welcome Buddy!

Welcome Sonny from a fellow hose-dragger.


Welcome Sonny :):beer::beer::beer:

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