Hello Everybody!

Just registered here and wanted to say hello. I am a south florida firefighter who has decided to start a power washing business on my days off. I’m thinking about getting a single axle trailer with a 3000 psi 8 gpm set up with a 270 gallon water tank and 2 hose reels. Still not sure how the chemical injector plays into all of this as i have heard never to run chemicals through your pump. Would a pack back applicator be the way to go? I am going to focus on residential accounts to start off with and am planning on canvassing my desired demographic with door hangers. I will get a tax i.d. number, insurance, and LLC. Also shirts/caps to look professional. I am located in broward county, south florida. Any input will be greatly appreciated and i will be reading ALOT of posts here. Don’t planning on being one of those low balling, here today, gone tomorrow operations. I want to do this the right way. Anyway, its great to be here and i am excited to get this business off the ground and running.

Welcome Wayne.

The chemical injector that we use around here introduces the chems after the pump. Study up on “downstreaming”. Back packs are for hikers, and people that like hot detergent running down their backside. The stuff we use to clean is absolutely wonderful but it has no business being anywhere near your butt crack. Skip the back pack.

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