Heat Newbie

I just purchased a hotlink that’s been converted to 115 and a generator to go with my 5.5 gpm @ 2500 pressure washer. I have a WWC. I’m just wondering are there any precautions or tricks I need to know about before putting this thing to use?

Do I need to replace my O rings more often?

Besides flatwork what are some other uses for heat?

I swear I’ve read of people using heat on boat docks that are covered in slime and it really helping. ??

I know I can dabble in light commercial work and heavy equipment cleaning but will my machine have enough PSI for heavy machinery?

Thanks in advance.

Slime on docks should be mold or algae, you need SH for that, not hot water, which is for grease and oil like on drive-thrus or kitchen exits or dumpster pads

But heat will make quick work of it though I bet…

If you’re trying to boil the mold… I guess…

I live in Florida so chances are the wet mold is soft enough :stuck_out_tongue:

you’ll want high-temp O-rings. Regular will blow out quickly.

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Gloves that are non absorbent too. Nothing like drips of boiling water wicking onto your hand. :confounded:

Do I need to modify my whisper wash classic at all?

You don’t want to use heat on wood