Have you tried fresh wash?

Have you tried fresh wash and what are your thoughts? How long is your mix staying alive?

Yes and I like it. There are already a couple of threads with a lot of info on Fresh Wash than you can check

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I’ve gotten up to 11 days in the cooler temps, in Feb and March. AM looking forward to seeing how long it will stay alive in the summer months.

How cool was it Doug? Curious as Im going to pick some up…

Maybe Micheal can chime in here too as to how long the mix stays good? I am interested in trying it…

It was originally blended with the intentions of giving the contractor up to 24 hours to use their mix. Doug Rucker got the last change. After his test results, we stopped tweaking the formula. I honestly don’t know how long one could push it out. So far, I’m happy with the success everyone is having.

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In the 70s and 80s. Still gotta check it out when it gets to the 90-'s and 100"s though. Problem is I may not be able too as we don;t have as much time between jobs now and the summer as we do Jan and Feb

I have to check this “fresh water” stuff out. I never heard of it. I was thinking DI water when I read these post. I’ll do a search on it.

That’s a positive problem, Doug!
JT, it’s Fresh WASH not Fresh Water.

That’s ok, I did the same thing then realized it said “Fresh Wash” on the double take. So used to WCR lingo, gotta get used to this PWR stuff.

No wonder why I was shooting at the wrong targets springing up at the shooting range… DOH! FRESH WASH… Gotcha.