Hatfields and McCoys

I’ve seen quite a few people talking about it on Facebook.
Who is watching it? Is is a documentary or a dramatization?

What is that orgs vs orgs, bb vs. bb, so and so vs. so and so…ooooooh it’s the Hadfields and the McCoys…:rolleyes:
How about we can all be judge and jury and blast the ones we think have wronged us…oooopppss wrong bb… Lol

Very informative show. I understand it’s based on facts, but there is a lot to the story that I never knew.


I know that there are people against us but we’re not against the orgs or other BBSs. We’re just trying to offer contractors a no BS place to hang out and share and an association that actually makes sense financially instead of paying a bunch of money for a logo and promises.

And there is a super, super, super new benefit that you are gonna love, [MENTION=2754]John T.[/MENTION]
I am, too.

OK, so it’s a dramatization based on history.
Cool. I’ll have to DVR it.

First post here. It was a great mini movie series. Its about 2 families that start fighting over a Pig and then they just start shooting each other. At the end they was a fact that in 2003 they signed a peace agreement between the 2 families. :0) I made Anya watch it. She was bored.

Wait where can I watch this?

On TV.

Oh, and good to see you here, Alex!

Pretty good little mini series!

I read that 60 Hatfields and McCoy descendents actually met and signed a peace treaty in 2003. Pretty cool.


Its good to be here. I like what i see. Good job.

What, they can read!?

Got the DVR set to record tonight. All three shows are being aired again tonight in a row. ( or is it tomorrow night)

Im gonna try and watch it here tonight


Since my mom is from West Virginia, I asked her about this show. She knew some of the Hatfields…

I don’t know why I just admitted that.

I watched this last night…


ade by the same film company… Did you see that Micah?

Yes! When I saw y’all talking about it on Facebook I stayed up late and watched it on Netflix.

Suddenly Bourbon street looks a lot tamer.

Id love to learn how to tap dance like that…

Set the DVR last night to record all three episodes on Lifetime. It starts tonight and ends on Friday.

Recorded them all last week…started in last night and got though Part 1 and some of part 2… Very Good