Has anybody seen this Before on a House

Got a call to wash a house, driveway and walkways. This is what I found when I arrived. Never seen this before, Looks like it is in the Stucco. Home owner states the house is only 2 years old, I offered to do the drive and walks and fence but not the house until I found out more Information. I did a 2 foot section of the house on the back side with the owner present and it didn’t touch it. I think he should get with his builder and I wrong? Thanks in advance Bob S

First off, that’s probably Dryvit. And that stuff is NOT painted, it’s color is mixed in when it’s made and applied as the color you see. It seems that he needs to contact the builder to get the manufacturer info and someone should be liable. I put-up Dryvit on 15 rite aids in Michigan 20 years ago and it still looks good to this day. That is NOT normal

Andrew J. Theis
Integrated Power Washing

Thanks Andrew, that is kinda what I told him it is really alot worse than the Pictures. Hope he gets it straight with builder

Is that like concrete board?

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