HardiPlank Oxidation

Whats the best way to clean oxidation on hardi. I’ve mostly seen people say stay away from these.

-can f13 gutter grenade be used?
-does it have to be wiped down manually?
-should I run away?

Hardiplank gets painted. That’s oxidized paint. Hire a painter or…

“Walk away” -Innocentbystander

And me.


@aabel90- yes to the 3 options you offered. I would do #3.

Walk fast.

When you walk up and see a place like that, your alarms should be going off unless a new owner. See siding, fence and yard. Obviously not someone who likes or can afford to spend money on doing the necessary upkeep or who has much pride in the appearance. ie, NOT MY CUSTOMER - 3 ways to profit from this - refer a painter or sub-contract out, refer a landscaper who reciprocates and give them a quote on cleaning and staining the fence.


thank you for the responses!

So the homeowner just purchased the house and was looking to get it cleaned before he moves in on Wednesday. So it was a lack of care and maintenance from previous owner. I originally quoted $400 thinking I could pay my $10 laborer to hand wipe that whole side down as read in previous oxidation threads. Get the home owner to sign a Wavier of Warranty or something similar.

-could final wash from softwash systems be used in the end to bring back some luster? or is that specifically for metal and vinyl?

just heard back from homeowner…willing to sign waiver, will bid out if it needs to be repainted, also picked up landscaping job and grass contract!!!

thanks for the help yall…much appreciated!


Personally i would pass, but if hes willing to sign a waiver and you want to try. $400 would be really low for me to hand scrub an entire house.
Do a test spot with the chems you might use so you will have an idea of what to expect as a final outcome.

Even with a waiver and setting expectation, i dont like these because even if the results are sub par the owner still has to pay for the time of me trying. And i feel kind of bad for taking money if the result suck.

I def agree with you but if the owner understands that it needs to be painted the cleaning is still needed to prep the surface for proper adhesion with new paint. I would only have to hand wipe two sections facing south so at least not the whole house.

Final wash really more for neutralizing SH

Don’t hand wipe the sides just wash with your hw mix remove the algea and mold your not going to help the finish and then let them paint it I washed one like that a while back they were happy with removing algea and mold and then they had a painter come in behind and paint win win

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