Hardie board siding

Just a question to make sure im correct in my process for washing hardboard/plank

Test spot your mix if nothing happens apply as normal and rinse as a regular house wash ?

I like to test with a LOT stronger than I’ll be using. Usually just spray a spot with my pump up which is usually just straight SH or 75% SH. Do it when you first get there, let dwell for 10-15min while you’re setting up. Rinse, If no problem by then, usually you’re good to go. With HW mix may get a delayed reaction. Also, if it’s a newer house, most builders around here use the pre-painted baked on finish and have never had a problem with any of those colors. But test anyway, lol.

Yea the house was built in 2016 …guess would be better using a 6% test spot …ive never used chemicals on hardy siding before ive always just washed away clay and dirt from new construction

I’ve gotten to love Hardie board siding, lot easier to clean, don’t have to worry about leakers from all the channels, flashing, weep holes, etc you have on vinyl. I use just a slightly weaker HW mix since most the time it mainly just the gutters and soffit that need much.

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I’m with @Racer, I’ve enjoyed washing Hardie. Just do a test spot and wash away. I haven’t had an issue yet.

I test with about 6% with no surfactant from a pump up. Dwell ~10mins then wash with my normal HW mix. I over rinse most of the time just to be sure.

Thanks …i know the organic pants have been messing up people just wanted to make sure i had thr basic operation down first …i have only done a handfull of hardyboard 95%is vinyl in my area