Hard Water Spots

Hey Guys, is there any way to avoid getting hard water spots while rinsing vehicles when using hard water? Is there something that can be added to the water to help with this problem? Or shall i just buy my own commercial reverse osmosis system ?:):):slight_smile: i wish!

I always used reverse osmosis when I dId dealerships, but they do make a additive for that. Zep makes one, and I’m sure they are not the only ones.

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I’m new to PWR, who or what is Zep?


RO is one way to go as mentioned above. We use DI water when we want to leave it streak free.

Michael, where do you get DI water? Do you have a machine that will deionize it for you?

We get it from GE Water. It is two tank set up. You can also get a single tank set up.

If you go this route, do not run DI water thru your burner coils. DI water is very pure and will speed up the oxidation process (rusting). Especially if you turn on the burner.

Are the DI systems from GE portable?


Just a quick thought guys ,keep in mind your local water conditioning companies there is a lot of them that can design those DI systems locally for you,if you ever have any questions about water let me know cause I work full time at a water bottling facility and can tell you all the ends and outs of different waters!

Zep is a chemical company.

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I’m having the same problem. Just started PWing and, BC of hard water, am taking WAY too long to get the trucks as clean as they need to be. What did you do to solve your problem? Additive or additional DI system?


Hey Aeast54,

I’m currently testing DI unit that i purchased from HydroTek for around $1,000.

Let me know if that has the desired result. I’m going to try Zep additive.