Harbor fright 25% coupon - no not on pred engines and gennys

For what it is worth, if your busy and cant find deals. Normal coupon is 20% this is 25%. It is online and in store.

I’m getting some wheel chocks.

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No picture?


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Not quite as skookum as the 20% a month ago with no restrictions, got my big ol’ generator with that. :slight_smile:

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There was a no restriction one? Dang. Missed out.

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Ya, 15% for everyone and 20% for members. Last time it happened I snagged an omnipro 220 welder. The wife isn’t ever really that happy when I discover them in my email. :rofl:

Dern. Did not see that. And I bought their big generator about a month ago, too :man_facepalming:

In my area at least online at northern tools has a free e gift cards on line with purchases, up to 200$
20 on 100$
50 on 250$
100 on 500$
200 on 1k$

Just got a 100$. bought the air compressor recommended for the Kingslinger air softwash system. Gonna give air a try and probably get gas eventually. My Fat Boy Poly kit hasnt brought the results ive wanted, yet…lol still working on it. Sorry , not to change the subject.
Hope all is safe and warm.

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