Happy Friday Gentlemen

Little something to help with the button blues…

Its fixed Coop ole buddy !
Spread da word, ya ole Turd

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Heck yeah!

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You gotta clear Cache thingee and log back in I gather

:rofl::joy: . Nice Coop ! @garry.cooper

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Happy Saturday morning. Breakfast at the cabin


What’s the story with the Jeep truck thingamajig?

His brothers.

I still can’t decide if those things make sense or not. Why not just buy a pickup? Why not just buy a regular Jeep? Por que no los dos?


I thought they looked cool at first because it was something different but now I don’t really care for them. They are really narrow it seems too small on the inside.

I think the old jeep trucks are pretty cool looking.

My brother drives a two door Jeep and I couldn’t imagine it. As far as driving experience goes they’re awful. Loud, not comfortable, mediocre fuel mileage, wouldn’t outrun my grandmother’s Pontiac Bonneville. They are fun to mess around in the mud but I’d never want one as a daily driver.

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Which one? They have made quite a few. Most of them are ugly as sin but they do have 1 or 2 that look pretty cool

You just describe a my 96 ford Bronco i used to have. Except for the being slow part. My Bronco was fast to be so big. I remember out running my buddy in his brand new Malibu. Until i hit 80 then he scooted by.

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The ones that look like this.

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I guarantee the Bronco offers a much better driving experience. The flat, upright windshield on the Jeep makes so much wind noise that I get a headache after ten minutes on the highway. The mirrors are positioned for a 5’ 4" person at most. I had to back a small trailer with his Jeep once and it’s just not ideal for towing anything really. They’re just play toys to me I guess.

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Never drove one. I see a old jeep truck every now and again and they always catch my eye. Mostly because i didn’t know jeep made trucks

Id take a Bronco any day over one. Wish i never sold mine.

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Just wait till @SchertzServicesLLC gets tired of pouring money into his and then buy it. Easy squeezey.

My brothers ride. It’s just got stickers on it for the survival gear business. He has always liked and driven Jeeps. I told him it was just a fancy Fiat now.

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Dang. That website is like a compulsive prepper’s casino. So many cool things