Hansen Plug Connector (flew off)

Hey guy’s.

I have a question, I had my lead line female Hansen connector fly off while in use… Scared the crap out me… Why did this happen? Both female and male ends are fairly new… Is the male side worn out? Help… Trying to prevent this from hapening again.

PS: It was on right, this was about 40 minutes into the job

Flew off or came unseated? The only way I could think it could possibly come unseated is that it wasn’t on all the way. I’ve had some issues with my Hansen female SS QC not locking in as smoothly as I’d like. I use one on the end of my ball valve. Ive also changed all my orings in all my connections to viton which has helped overall.

Popped off! Flew by my face at lightning speed… It was connected to my surface cleaner when it happened