Handheld Surface Cleaner

A few of you were speaking in a separate post about using a surface cleaner (big box) as a handheld.

For me, I have an 8 GPM machine. I was thinking about changing the tips because I think it would be necessary. Maybe 2504s? or 2504.5s?

My next concern would be, when something is labeled “3.5GPM max”… I don’t know if it’s talking about the tips or the manifolds - and frankly - maybe you don’t either. I don’t see how it can be plug-and-play without a “BOOM” at the end.

Is there a safe way to make a big-box surface cleaner (14" or less) work with an 8GPM machine?

Does anyone use one regularly?

No. Mosmatic makes a handheld for cleaning walls, but they’re not cheap.

Ouch. I just looked it up… thank you for the response.