Half-time Blues

Hey guys, so it is essentially half-time in the season and we have hit quite a lull in business. Have very few calls coming in, and only a few quotes being excepted. The start of the season was wide open and I was washing 2-3 house a day, now not so much. Anyone have any tricks up their sleeves to get the calls coming in again? Is this normal for the industry or is anyone else experiencing this? I have faith it’ll start back but, we do good work, but sooner would be better. Thanks.

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Late July & August have always been slower than normal even in Florida for residential. Sept thru November has normal call volume, as someone said start knocking on doors if you have to. Regards

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School is about to start back. People taking their last trip at the end of summer

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This is only my 2nd year. Glad to hear that it’s not just me. Last year was like that too during this time. Stock up on Roman noodles for the next 2 weeks or so, then hopefully back to regular customer volume.

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I’ve always used this time of year to book the larger HOA jobs . Aside from the crazy heat and afternoon rain every day. It work well


Have you tried mixing up how you are marketing? We got slow and decided to throw up 10 lawn signs at key intersections. The next day the calls started rolling in. Business is like a bike…1 pedal is sales/marketing and 1 pedal is production. Need to keep pedaling both to keep moving. That being said there will be ups and downs in any business.


Have slowed down here as well… have still had jobs booked but not a heavy a schedule as June-Middle of July… Put out a few more signs in customers yards and offered a small discount and calls have come in enough to book jobs the to second week of Aug.

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Thanks for all the responses. I’m going to go to the CAMS building (for HOAs), the Chamber of Commerce, and put out some strategic yard signs. Just about got my truck lettered too so that should help. Going to go back to places I’ve washed and door hanger houses, as well as call customers from last year (only second year) who haven’t called yet.

I’ve been trying to get in with some HOAs for exposure but they seem very hard to reach. Anyone have a way they contact them aside from randomly calling?

Do u collect emails?

Yessir. I have a running log of all customers with name, address, phone, email, and prices.

A few on here were talking about mail chimp

I will do my research on it. Thanks for the tip.

And HOA is a legal corporation all board members are sworn in and listed on your states web site the same one you would file your llc or whatever with. You can get names and address of board members and mail them directly. Or you can focus on the management companies that manage them. If you see a property that your interested in any resident will likely know the company and the rep for that property. Look them up and offer free estimate for work that you can provide to improve they community. It’s hit and miss that it will make it to a board meeting and usually slow to process if it does. But if you start now you should be able to book them for this time next year

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I have an idea! Let’s all go buy a cheap mower and we can add it into our services!!! What do you all think??

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Amen. I fell into a partnership with a local award winning painter that nearly doubled my workload. They just sent August’s schedule with another 25 houses. My BNI group sends me 1-2 a week. Josh, the other local contractor I always rave about, just sent me a referral since he’s out of town and I’m now getting a call or 1 online request daily.

Last year and the year before I slowed down in August. I think only reason we have as many houses in August as we did in June and July is marketing. Wanna stay busy. Market all the time.

“How can I be seen?” Signs, vehicle wraps and parking a trailer or truck outside beauty brands or target for a few hours while you call past customers. Create a Facebook special on Fiverr. Etc. etc. dumb luck or constantly trying to be seen. Those are the only two ways I can think of as to why I’m still busy.

Edit: OH! And build relationships. Relationships are a lot more crucial than I ever gave them credit for. Huge.

I talked to IBS one time and he had an unexpected week open up. Called a couple HOA presidents and had 75 houses on the calendar in a couple days. I connect that story with another one he may not remember telling, but as I understand it he was going to Apts and HOAs to wash clubhouses for free for an opportunity to bid washing other stuff.

@Innocentbystander can correct those stories if I’m wrong, but if I’m not… that’s relationship marketing compounding year after year.


I’d rather try to lung jump over hungry alligators. Lol I don’t mow my own lawn… that stuff is for the birds.


Nice illustration.:ok_hand:

Relationships are everything! You never know, the next person you meet could completely change your business.

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