Had any luck?

Has anyone had luck using this ZEP product to clean as a substitute to SH or other “cleaners”? It says it contains oxalic acid and surfactants. I was going to use it as a brightener after I cleaned the fence, but if it “cleans and kills mold” like SH is there any reason why I should use it as a brightener afterwards? Thx

Used a gallon of that last year on some wood decks…it worked ok, just not as good as the other tried and true chems (oxalic acid powder, hydroxide, etc…)and its diluted and expensive. Most of that container is water, which you can add yourself for free instead of paying them for it. In a pinch, it is a workable substitute.

Wow. The bottle says that it will make 20gallons! That’s crazy. Thanks for the input man!! :+1:t3: