Had a great day


Just did my first real paid job. Last one was a friend’s house, only paid $50.
This one was not great either, but I was very satisfied and excited.
House washing came out great.
But the customer was a little worried about the roof when I told her that the moss will die, dry and fall off with heavy rain.
The roof condition was not that bad, had some moss. Treated with 4-5%. Looking good to me.
Please tell me the roof will turn out great.:grin::grin:

![40%20PM|690x255](upload://3KiUb5vuDE6HlYrlAfzu9YcqKAQ. jpeg)

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I have a stupid question, having never done a roof. Did you have to use a ladder to reach to the top?


Yes. I have a ground gun holding the ladder for me. In some cases, I would stand on a relatively flat part of the roof.

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Did you say the roof “wasn’t bad”? HeII I’d burn my house or just move out of shame if my roof looked like that! Must be quite a different climate than Arkansas :rofl:


It doesn’t look like your mix was strong enough for the roof. How long after application was the picture taken. Could be a regional difference but the lichens around here turn a little bit lighter when you apply roof mix.


Looks alittle dark to me too but looks died. How long did you let it sit before taking the picture.


welcome to Pacific Northwest.


Should have gone half-half…
Took the pictures at least three hours after application, after we finished the whole house, deck, driveway, and walkway.


Hope you clarified it may take a few months for all that to come off.


I always rinse…it’s reflected on the price and customer sees immediate results.

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How long would you wait to rinse it please?


From what I’ve seen on roof cleaning, most of the growth turns white as it begins to die (shortly after the job is complete).