Hack Job

So I don’t really use the term “hack”. But this is what it really is. I was called to see if I can fix this which I said not really but let me get back to the HomeOwner on Monday.This is in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Cary “Preston”. The Cream was taken right off. This could be a great Payday if I can fix this problem.

Good luck Alex. That looks like a mess to me.

Certainly a good pay day if you get in their good books,Im sure they will be more than happy to pay for quality after that hack job they got last time.

The last guys loss is your gain.

Lee Rivebark

Hey Alex, aside from them being hacks… What caused it, how do you prevent it, what are the fixes? This has the foundation of a great thread. Plus this is the second time I’ve seen a post of the same nature just this week.

What caused this was inexperience. This concrete was still “Green” or not fully cured. High psi and or heat should have never been used on it. Doing a test spot first would have revealed that the Portland “Cream” could be removed. This should have been no more than a soap on rinse off (Low PSI) situation.

The only way to fix this (Maybe) is to strip off the rest of the cream…And I wouldn’t take the Job.

Sorry guys I mess up my first post

For you what is low PSI ?

No more than 1000 psi and no closer than 1.5 ft off the concrete. Personally I would have told the customer not to set his/her expectations too high on the outcome (Before The Damage) because of the “Newness” of the concrete and the risk of damaging the cream.

This is a job that I would (And Have) passed on.

Cool, thanks for the reply.

Now im wondering why the owner had it cleaned since the driveway was so new.Surely it couldn’t have been that dirty.

Looks like I should cover this in a hands-on training class too. We should have something together at the end of this summer to cover pressure washing, rust removal restoration, hard water stain removal and an acid washing course.

The etch you have in those pics are deep but is something we have mastered. There is a fix and it would run your customer about 1.50-$1.80 a foot. The end result would be that concrete looking like gray granite and when the sun hits it right would look like there are diamonds in it. We also apply a deep penetrating sealer that’ll give them 5-10 years of protection. The only way to learn this stuff is hands-on.

As a update. I talked to the contractor and got the whole story on this job. The contractors helper was working on the house and added some chalk to his chalk line. For some reason he decided to stretch his line all the way to the top off the driveway leaving a line that they couldn’t remove. So he called a company to come out a wash the driveway. Hence this is what that company did to the driveway. Now the Homeowner is ticked at the outcome of the driveway.

So now the contractor called us looking for the fix which I told him I personal don’t see a fix for this that I’m willing to try. So as off later today I’m officially off this case and on to something else.

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Alex Curry