Gx690 bogging down

My machine keeps bogging down. Mostly when I have the ds hooked up. But I goes back and forth, full power and back to bogging down. Any thoughts?

I should have said while under load

Are you sure it’s only doing it when using your injector or did you just happen to notice the first time when down streaming? It’s probably doing it regardless of using the chem injector.

Make sure both coils are getting good spark. Check fuel pump too.

3 times I have removed the injector and it stops. Machine only has 16 hours on it.

Have you tried a different injector? I bet the spring broke and it’s clogging the opening. I would take the injector apart and see what you find.


Don’t risk hurting your brand new machine over a bad injector, buy another they’re cheap. If you pinch pennies in this business it nearly always hurts more than helps. I have many examples where I’ve made that mistake.

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Ok, let’s start with a couple pieces of information.

What psi/gpm are you running?

What orifice is your injector?

Have you tried loosening the gas cap?

Have you tried another injector?

You answered your own question. Either injector bad or you’ve got it hooked up wrong. Easy process of elimination. Show us a close up pic of how you’ve got mounted if you don’t figure it out. Does machine run ok with high pressure nozzle on it?

I guess I just figured that since the injector was new, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. I’m sure its hooked up right. I run out tomorrow and get a new one and see what happens.

Does machine run ok with your red or green hp tip on it? With no injector. Just making sure not a back pressure problem.

If not the injector, never hurts to have at least one spare. I carry about 5-6 already made up with the QC’s. Always have an extra hose and filter too, especially filters. They go bad all the time.

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