Guys up north, this true?

Lady at moms church told us her husbands mother passed… she is to be buried in Vermont with her husband.

She went on to tell us that they were glad she passed at that time (had been expecting it for a few weeks) so they could have the service and burial. She said if it would have been later in the year they would have waited on the burial portion of the service because of the ground freezing.

So if you die up and need to be buried in the winter, you just hangout until the spring?

Makes me wonder about the old days. Did they just keep the body in the root cellar and have to mave it every now and then to grab some food or did they just put salt all over them like @Hotshot

No that’s false

No it’s not true…

A backhoe will rip through about any frostline we can manage to accumulate.

That exactly what i was saying… its not The Klondike and permafrost. Its not lile they dog by hand.

This old lady had no reason to lie and said that is just how it is up there…

We had a dog die 2 years ago in January. I hung it next to the country hams with a trash bag over it in the smoke house until we had a warm spell. I’m the backhoe.
But I agree, that’s crap, I was raised in west Virginia, and never heard of such a thing, modern hydraulic machines ,like @SchertzServicesLLC said. but the ole days ,I could definitely no doubt see that happening …

Well it’s mostly false, but I have heard of VA burials being held off during the winter until the Spring.


If the weather is expected to be bad and no one will come they can delay it. But as far as not being able to physically dig a grave it’s false.

I lived in the northern part of PA and yes the frost would get in deep enough (at times) where you had to wait until spring. Usually it would only be delayed if someone past in January or February

When I was a boy, our winters were so cold that you would do anything to stay warm.



Remember that coop.

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@Hotshot that is wrong on so many levels!

It’s up to the individual cemeteries whether they allow digging in the winter or not. I think most of them will allow it, but some won’t. That’s what the crypts are usually for, I believe. Holding caskets until they can be buried.

Had a friend pass away years ago; his parents wanted to have him buried next to his sister, but that cemetery wouldn’t allow it in January. So they went with another cemetery, IIRC.

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Damn, that’s sad. He was so young. Sorry about your friend, amigo. He sounded like a pretty cool guy.


I find myself constantly googling your acronyms!

It was very sad. Largest turnout for a memorial service that I’ve ever attended. Well into the hundreds.

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