Guy Blackmon

Please help me welcome Guy Blackmon of Pressure Kleen Power Washing Service in Dublin, NC to the Pressure Washing Resource Association!

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Welcome, Guy looking forward to you sharing your knowledge

Guy who, never heard of him? :cool:

Welcome Guy :slight_smile:

Welcome Guy.

Hi Guy!

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Hey Welcome Guy, it was great hanging with you last weekend.

Welcome, Guy.

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Hey Thanks Guys!!!

Really Great To Be Here!!!

Looking to learn more about cleaning that clear crap that’s in the holes on the front of houses…-n- stuff.

I buss me up!!! Hhahaha!!!

Good to be back on the same ship with ya “Big Guy”… Welcome aboard

Welcome Guy… Great meeting you this past weekend in Huntsville. Look forward to seeing you again.

Bob K.

Welcome aboard Guy!

John, we’ve always been in the same boat…just different stations.

Good To Be Here!