Gutter site

Threw this together today. Lemme know wht you think. If your on google +1, please hit that like button. Thanks

Looks good, Have you ever thought about upselling to install gutterguards we carry the black diamond brand that others referred to us they seem to be very nice I know that there are a lot of brands that you can us. Also on the site it says that you make sure the gutters are pitched correctly, if someones gutters are not do you upcharge for fixing this? Do you Fix it for the same price? or do you notify them to have someone check it out for them? We never mess with trying to adjust the pitch of gutters if something does not look right we will tell them to contact a gutter company so that we can’t be held responsible for removing the screws or nails and the gutter fall down and mess it up.

We do some adjustments on gutters not pitched correctly just depends on the extent of it. Most are simple removing the screws or spikes and dropping them toward the downspout an inch or so…we always charge an extra fee for this because it requires at least 2 people on ladders to make sure they don’t fall and bend the gutters