Gutter Cleaning

The next issue of eClean Magazine, due out the end of this month, will focus on gutter cleaning (along with a lot of other stuff). If you have suggestions about what you’d like to see covered on this topic, can you post them here or email me at

Unless its in a older magazine, I would like a good article on cedar shake cleaning.

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I could write that:D I had a house years ago on the cover of the Cleaner Times that we stripped and stained. Cedar is an art form IMHO.

Hi Allison- Some of the things I would like to see is pics of what guys use to clean/flush the gutters and also how they approach the Gutter whitening part of the exterior of the gutters.

Hit me up on an email and I can show you a tool my guys use to scoop the garbage out of the gutters.

Does electric or gas vacuums work on gutters?
What are the reasons gutter cleaning is needed?
Marketing gutter cleaning

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Here is a short gutter cleaning blog I began and plan to edit as time passes. It helps customers understand the effort necessary for the task as well as the benefits they receive from giving the chore the attention it needs.

I’m guessing that the majority of your readers are contractors, so this may or may not be helpful for your article Allison. With contractors in mind though, I will say that I have gotten a respected response from customers that have found this through a google search and sought my services in this.

I like it!! I’m trying to find a u-shaped attachment for my shop vac to make it an easier and cleaner process to get the debris out. Any experience with this???

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If your asking me Andrew, I have never used anything like that but would definitely be interested in learning about a vacuum that was both strong enough and compact enough to transport that worked well. Price point would need to work as well.

I can see a vac maybe working for regular cleans but down here it seems like most only call after they have a gutter full of wet mulch and saplings.

I toyed with the idea and it works with leaves but not pine straw. It’s to matted together and won’t break up. You also have to have a big shop vac to carry around with you, extension cords, and a way for power. I’ve been to homes with no exterior outlets.

Freaking pine straw. I hate that stuff! Makes sense though.

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Ya’ll are making me glad I just have to write about it, not actually do it!

Best way to clean out a gutter is your hands. Wear gloves of course

we use a 7 point inspection that seems to be a very good sales point if it helps.

heres my gutter site Allison, use anything off it you want

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I once had a gutter that had 3 inches of dirt in there.It was mobile park and when I used a gutter cleaner it sprayed the dirt everywhere and what should hae been an hour job ended up being a 8 our job washing 3 houses instead of one.

Btw incase anyone wants to know why I just didn’t scoop the dirt out was because no tool fit and the dirt was so hardly packed that a vacuum didn’t help either. So needless to say this was a difficult job.

I would want to know how to avoid this sort of situation again.

Thanks all. I am heading to Vegas this weekend for the CETA show, but will be working on this as soon as I get home Tuesday. Maybe even while I’m there. A least that’s my plan. (Probably won’t happen, I know.)

Same here Thad…we have cleaned so many gutters this year that contain an inch or two of dirt and plant life that is sometimes 2 ft tall growing from the gutter…other than the hand clean out we do, I really don’t see any type of vac system working…and yes most people call right after a day or two of rain when they see water cascading over the gutter…I have dramatically increased our gutter clean out charges…if these people want to go 2-3 years in between cleanings and they want us to do it…they will have to pay…commercial accounts that get it done twice a year or more are a different story

What time of the year is it?

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The worst job I ever did was a house that had gutter covers and 5 inches of comp roof sand and dirt. I think it was about 20 years accumulation. The gutters were copper and they were about to fall off the house from the extreme weight. There was one section where the copper gutter still has a tear in it from the stress. I was exhausted after that job, but every job since has always been easier. Trial by fire I guess. It’s all gravy in comparison.

P.S. I get to blow out the covers at this house every year and it is easy.