Gutter brush and hoe reel

I am finally in the market to purchase some hose reels. Let me tell you, it is a pain to unreel and reel all that hose at every house, not to mention the time involved…so i’m pretty excited about buying these.

What is a good hose reel? Looking for sturdy, reliable and good priced.

Also need a gutter brush, any good suggestions for a good one? My son was helping the other day on the job, I ask him to put the brush in the truck and he did. I forgot to secure it before leaving…and alas the brush is gone…

I like Cox reels and the hi low brush Bob sells.

Clay Doggett
BLUELINE Pressure Washing Services


Make sure you get a rewind with the reels: Coxreels Accessories - Hand Crank & Motorized | Coxreels

Makes life alot easier when washing.

Is this a good one?

Holds 250’ Of 3/8" Hose Lightweight, compact hose reel. Direct hand crank rewind design. Up to 4,000 PSI working pressure. Reel handles temperatures from -20 degrees F to 225 degrees F. Easily wraps, stores and protects hose improving workplace safet

Steel Eagle Stainless hose reals have been great for us. Definitely worth the money.