Gum on Sidewalks

I have a 4.0 GPM 4,000psi cold water washer and I need to remove gum efficiently. Is there a chemical I can use or do I need to purchase/rent a hot water washer? I have a lot of sidewalk and Drive thru work that I can do but I am not sure how to approach this. Any help?

You really need a hot water unit to do this kind of work correctly. You could add a hotbox to your current machine…

Gum removal you need HEAT to do the job right. Micah’s advice above is right on.

I looked into pricing to add a heat box to my washer and that is $1,500! I can almost buy a used hot water washer for that! Hmmm

Don’t. You don’t need a worn out hot box to fight with. It’s just not worth it right now.