Guilty Pleasure?

What musical artist do you enjoy listening to that you’re a bit embarrassed to admit? I am working and listening to one of mine: One Direction. (embarrassed cringe) Yeah, yeah, I know. Even my kids don’t like them.

I just know I’m in a much better mood since I put them on.

I also still really enjoy an occasional Barry Manilow, John Denver or Neil Diamond song. Reminds me of my childhood. Fortunately so do CCR and Steve Miller Band.

Bee Gees from Saturday Night Fever. But I like their pre-Jive Talkin’ stuff as well which is incredibly good and relatively unplayed.
The Bee Gees - The Earnest of Being George - YouTube

I like a couple of Lady Gaga songs.
I cover Bad Romance.

Hannah Montana.

Taylor Swift. I don’t normally like country or pop, but you got to admit when her songs come on the radio they’re a little bit catchy. At least have to respect any top 40 singer who actually writes their own songs and doesn’t have to lip sync live performances.

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My daughter is obsessed with One Direction since she was at their concert in Pittsburgh. Have to say their music picks me up for some reason too! :slight_smile: