Greg755 injured, selling off all equipment


@Greg755 who was a regular on the forum for awhile and a quality contributor called me and asked if I’d let everyone know he’s selling off his two trailers in an auction on August 30th. These things are pretty slick. He posted a video once of a softwash air diaphragm trailer, the pressure washing trailer has electric reels. He builds really nice gear. And he’s a plumber by trade, so he has jetters and other tools going up for auction.

But he’s open to folks checking them out if they want to make an offer before hand. He’s in Lyons, NY.

I’ll add the link to the auction as soon as he sends it. He’s supposed to try to get back on the forum soon and add pics, but if you want to get in touch with him prior and make an offer PM me and I’ll give his contact info and the auction site info. I’ll update the post with the actual auction link once Greg sends it to me.

@Monsterpowerwashing he’s on the other side of NY, but if you’re interested in some more equipment Greg says he’s letting dang near everything go.


What does he have for sale? My mother-in-law lives up that way. I’m due to go see her anyways


Please pass on our sympathies if he is dealing with an injury.


Here is a link to the auctionwhen you get there it has pictures of the 8gpm PW trailer and the 12 foot SW trailer. The link is at the top left in the listing just click and go to rhe photos.
Many thanks to Squid and to all who have reached out to me…


To be fair to every one, some people asked me if I can sell the units BEFORE the auction. The answer is YES BUT I must do it before AUGUST 10rh other wise it is locked into the contract.
Here is the PW stuff for sale.

Hello, I dont have any pics, but there should be some in rhe auction site.
If not go on my YouTube channel and you can see some videos (Free American Spirit) (Play list “plumbing”)

Thr big blue trailer with 275 gal tank amd three elec reels is 9800.00 it has 140 of industrial,water hose, 200 foot of 3\8 PW hose, 100 foot of 1\2drain cleaning hose and 150 ft of drain cleaning hose ( You can use the DL hose to PW if you dont clean drains, and some various fittings.
The trailer has been used twice and looks runs like almost new.
The soft enclosed soft wash trailer
Is 4500.00 will come with 3 reels, 3 elect fat boy pumps, 2 batteries, 65 gal buffer tank, 2- 35 gal mix tanks, 200 ft chem hose 200 foot 3\8 pressure washer hose and about 100 foot of garden hose.
It is also already plumbed to accept a pressure washer.
I used a 4 gpm but you can,pretty much attach any size PW up to 8gpm.

I also,have a 30 inch 8gpm mosmatic surface cleaner new not used (but out od the box) 1000.00
I have a 3 cylinder Polaris air pump like new with some hose 2 all flow 7 gpm pumps and a new valve manifold/filter\airdrier for 2000.00
Like I said i really dont have picrures but you can look at my yourube site above or the auction listing will have some.
If you want to come out on a weekend and look at it just give me a call


I don’t see the listing. The link is for a house. I tried finding your listing with no luck. Is there a search term I can use?


Click on the link and then click on view full photo gallery.

Right in the middle of the page


Here is the YouTube link.

Here is the auction link
To see photos click on photo link in upper left of the description…


@Patriotspwashing thank you


Well I just got back from my sons wedding. All is good kind of.,
The guy who bid on the pressure washing rig never picked it up… Avoids the Auctioneers calls…
Good thing is I get to keep his small deposit…
Bad thing is I now have two trailers but only one tow vehicle… I really dont want to have to drive to FL twice…arg…


Rent a rolloff flatbed that has a hitch too. Tow 1 trailer while the other rides on the back. (I haven’t seen these trailers so hopefully its doable. )