Greg from Winnipeg

Can I supply a 3200 psi 2.8 gym pw with a 5.5 gpm 70 psi 12v pump ? I have used the search function but have seen different opinions.I am a newbie to the pw world and am trying to get in to a small portable system.I have 50 gal tanks and 3.5 gpm 45 psi and 5.5 70 psi pumps. Thanks

Should work. Do you not have access to a water spigot?

At times but most places here do not have a commercial water supply.I am servicing smaller businesses to start.

Welcome Winnipgreg!

Fantastic forum, did not realize how much there is to learn but every post I have read pertains to what I am trying to accomplish.

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This site and it’s members are a treasure trove!

Speaking of a member, how would one obtain a annual membership?