Good Morning,

I am now a proud member of the PWRA! Glad to be here with you all, and thanks again for the help you have given thus far.


And Love!

Welcome to the club!

Welcome Mr. Blue sky!

Congrats! And, Welcome!


Welcome to the other side…


WOW North Carolina has more Powerwashers popping up all over the place…must be a hot hot market down there:cool:
Welcome to the PWRA club Blue Sky.

I certainly hope NC is a hot market. There are a few PW companies here, only about a 1/3 in my area even have a web site and of those that do their web sites are awful.

I saw 3 pressure washing companies out last week in a neighborhood I was scouting and none of them had truck signage. I don’t get how you can be in business and not have a decent web site and truck signage.

Your area could be swarming with hackers to. By the end of the year most of those guys will be gone but the unfortunate thing is they hurt the Industry because of what they do.

Stay connected with groups like the PWRA and you will always be ahead of the curve compared to those “fly by nighters” who will just come and go. Look for some of their equipment for sale by the fall when they go belly up.

I have been doing this since 1998 with no signs on my trucks and didn’t get a website until 2 years ago, and then only because it was free. I am not the biggest around but I have four crews on the road and work out of 5 states at present. Every one has to find what works for them.

Welcome to the madness… Some one once said NC is the breeding Ground for PW’ers… Welcome to the Gene pool haha :wink:

I thought that was Florida?

Welcome to the Brotherhood!!!