I’d like to introduce myself and my business. I’m Bill Weaver, owner/operator of Weaver Pro Wash. We’re a new business in Jefferson and Shelby County, Alabama focusing on residential pressure washing for now. Exterior siding cleaning, Roof Cleaning and deck staining.

Things I’m interested in getting from this forum would be information on SEO, link-building, back links. Also I need to know more about cleaning chemicals, especially eco-friendly cleaners.


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Welcome Bill. You are in the right place to find information on the topics you listed. I would suggest that you consider joining the PWRA. There are a multitude of benefits, one of which is access to the private forum discussions. I found these in particular to be very, very helpful. Also, spend a bit of time becoming a forum search expert. Once you have that down, you can mine for the discussions from inquiries made on similar topics. Good luck!

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welcome Bill!


I’m also new to this forum! It seems like a great community, though.