Greetings forum

Hellow forum,looking forward to any tips/sdvice. Good luck and much growth in the new year!

Right back at ya’.

You’re going to like it here. And we like having you here. Except for one or two old grouches that will come along soon and tell you to fill out a signature so we know who we’re talking to. Tell you what, go ahead and fill it our now and beat the old grouch to the punch.

P.S. He’s not really that old and he’s not really that grouchy, he just comes across strong when you first meet him. He has really been a great help to me over the years.

Welcome, whoever you are.

Welcome aboard

Clay Doggett
BLUELINE Pressure Washing

Hey Cleaning Dude-- you should fill out your signature – wait a minute am I one of those old grouchy dudes Tim is talking about? Lol
Welcome aboard.

I Think i was able to edit my signiture page. This is my first forum i have used,so im a little new.

Try again. It should show up everytime you post.


Just checking to see if my signiture is showing up

Looks good, Kevin!

Yo Dude, that’s clean!

It’s working here.


on this entire thread the only signature I can see is Clay. hmmmmm

Josh Rouse
Carolina Clean

and welcome Cleaningdude! this is a great place to be :slight_smile:

Josh Rouse
Carolina Clean