Great start

Got my first job under my belt yesterday and was able to get some much needed pictures up on my FB page & Google! In doing that I got 4 new leads!

Went smooth, although I made my HW mix weak as I DS 1g of 12.5SH to 3g h2O with 2 ounces of Elomonator at a 10/1 rate.

Have my first face to face with a property manager today for an estimate on a townhouse development! Getting nervous, this pm represents a lot of properties in my area


Keep it up! Meeting with a PM this early on could be huge for ya!

Good job man. Keep grinding

The information on this site has been huge in helping me out! Much appreciated

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Did you ask for a review?

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You know it! Shortened the Google link too


I’ve always been a fan of going hotter then weaker with a mix. I’d rather spend the extra $10 in chems then an extra 30 minutes applying the soap twice. Good job though!

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I received three emails this week so far from property managers to set up meetings, all from that mail chimp campaign I showed you. Targeted email Marketing is an area a lot of people over look but can be very successful.