Grand opening this sping!

Opening up this summer and just hoping this is a good idea. Im very excited and just hope I can really make some money with this. I know you get what you put in so im putting my all. Any tips or advice?

Where ya located Nick?

First…An idea without a plan is a dream. While you plan on opening up this summer you should be using this time to get your ducks in a row. Plan for success not failure. If you’re not sure this is a good idea, don’t invest in it until you are sure.

Business Plan? Marketing Plan? Name? Logo? Website? Sales Strategy? Whats your market? Insurance? Most of this should be done before you buy any equipment. If you’ve got a real job…keep it and build your business at the same time. It ain’t as easy as it looks

Lots of great info here, start reading past posts…and keep reading.

And Welcome Buddy!!!

Just make your check payable to GUY BLACKMON. He just gave you a wealth of knowledge in this one post that will either make you successful or a failure. Guy is a tremendous leader in our industry and someone I truly look up to.

Thanks sir! Im in richmond, va so im smack dab in the middle of everything. I honestly have been planing for about a year now. I have a LLC and now am just working on logos, uniforms, business cards, website, and signs for the rig.

As far as marketing goes right now im full time at capital one so I plan for the first year to ease my way in an get my feet wet. I have many plans to use social networking like Groupon, facebook, newspapper and obviously the website as well. I use quickbooks right now on my pc and have archived all customers that have expressed interest thus far. I am planing to send a news letter to all of them when I open.

Since I am full time though I also have to consider m limited availability so I have limited my marketing to fit my availabiliy.

All of my family ownes businesses so I am the last in line to dive in. I ho estky have wanted to do this for 10 years but not untik recently have I seen the oppurtunity. I just want to succeed and soak up as much knowledge as posable.

Also thank yo so much for the reply I will consider all of the infomation.

I agree with easing into your business. Most dive in full steam. Again building a business is a Marathon not a Sprint. I would caution you about Groupon, newspapers, or pennysavers. Your website should be #1 as far as marketing, doesn’t matter if you’re full or part time…website is #1…period.

I would strongly advise attending an Industry event, these are sometimes called Round Tables. Contractors get together to share and exchange tips & knowledge. We attended 2 of these events before we started our business and it really helped with the learning curve. There will be one in Pa. soon.

Sounds like you’re on the right path…Good Luck!

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If you really want to advance your learning curve at lightening speed consider on going to the PWRA convention in Nashville TN aug. 2014.

Oh yea in case your not sure of this, you can write all these expenditures off thru your business come tax time.

Besides that fire away here on this bulletin board any questions or thoughts you may have.

Have fun/best of luck.