i am using 3 to 4 gpm machine right now i do mostly residentail put i am getting alot of new big comercail job the houses i do cant handle any thing over 5gpm should i envest in hot water with bigger gpm or cold i know theres a big price difernce but im thinking i might need hot water on some of the resturant jobs im getting does gpm get the job done any faster thanks jeremy

You will want hot water for commercial jobs, and yes more GPM is faster. Why do you say the houses you do can’t be done with more than 5gpm? Get 8gpm and be done with it.

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i dont noe y ur jobs wudnt handle moar then 5gpm xtra flow iz goud u wil def need hot water fur most cumercial jobz

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a lot of the residental houses we do have cery low water pressure when someone flushs the toilet the pressure will drop

I use to have that problem Jeremy and most of the houses I dealt with here aren’t well water(even lower gpm). You need a supply tank. If your going to move up to 5gpm a 100 gallon tank would be sufficient. You can run your machines off of that while you run the water hose from the house to the tank. Just keep some water in that 100 gallon tank from every job.

The best all around PW to use in this Industry is the 8gpm hot water skid… There not cheap but if and when you get to that level you should have an aprox 250 gallon supply tank with you on all jobs. The rule of thumb is suggested to have 50gallon tank for every 1gpm where a 8gpm power washer a 400gal tank is recommended (A bit over kill).


thats what i was thinking thanks john