Gpm for fleet washing

About to upgrade to a skid. Are you running 8gpm or 5.5gpm? I do house washing and fleet washing. Some heavy equipment cleaning where I have to take my own water.

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The more the better. 8GPM will rinse a lot faster, which equates to you moving on to the next one sooner, getting done early, which gives you a longer weekend to spend more money you made for getting the 8GPM.

Double edged sword on heavy equipment. In one hand 8 rinses faster. In the other can you carry enough water to not run out?

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I just upgraded to a 7gpm this season run 5.5gpm the past two years I run out less often than my 5.5 just because I clean 30% faster with it … Do the math it uses the same amount of water in less time unless you can’t work that fast.

What brand machine did you get in a 7gpm?

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I build my own setups it’s a AR Pump Geardrive on a modded Honda Gx390 motor I’m running at 2000psi at my wand and 2350 at the unloader with 150’ 3/8" hose. Does all my residential still cleans concrete a little faster than my 5.5gpm at 3000psi just cause it rinse quicker if your cleaning muddy equipment volume is a must if your gonna make money

We use 5.5 on the mobile crews but upgraded to 8 GPM in the wash bay. They guys really like and say it speeds up the work. But I haven’t run the math to see if really is worth it.

While 8 GPM is obviously faster I’ve heard the 5-6 GPM machines are more efficient and last a hell of a lot longer.