GP stainless, rebuild?

My GP stainless decided to pop the soap line and backflow out the barb today. I took it apart and found the o-ring somewhat mangled so picked up the rebuild kit. Unfortunately the parts don’t quite fit, is there a kit out there that works or just spring for another off Dultmeier?

gotta use some type of lubricant sometimes on orings, whether to stretch over or squeeze into a hole.

They’re the wrong size, looks like the plastic barb ones have a proprietary size that is smaller. The ceramic ball is even slightly smaller.

It’s weird, Southside has stainless GP injectors but they have the regular brass barbs.

I get variety packs of nitrile o-rings from Amazon. They come in handy when replacing non-standard sized o-rings like those in the stainless/kynar injectors.

I also seem to be getting better mileage out of those injectors by removing the little plastic centering disk. It appears to be superfluous, and works just the same without it.

Yeah I noticed that little sucker when it shot out and landed under the trailer. So you’re saying Amazon has the correct size? Any chance you can tell me which kit, there are quite a few.

This is the kit I bought. I think I used one from this set the last time I rebuilt the injector. You probably won’t find an exact match, but something close enough:

I’ve gotten the Viton o-ring kit from HF to rebuild these stainless injectors. $10 if I remember correctly


I have the same kit and so far it’s had every size that I’ve needed but I run a pretty simple rig by some standards.

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Thank you so much guys, I got the HF viton kit and the fourth small one fit perfectly!

i switched out my oring for a viton one on my kohler vtwin fuel solenoid with a kit from Oreilleys. wont be getting stuck from corrosion anymore there.