Got some feedback for my website?

Here it is! just finished it using wix. looking for some feedback.

let me have it! nitpick the smallest thing you can find, I know my customers will!

Hey :slight_smile:

Works well on iPhone :ok_hand:t2:

Not sure that SEO works at all with WIX websites though.

Your “Services” page looks really bad with the text over the images like that.

You could really do with adding an option to leave a review - Google reviews work best. Facebook reviews are ok to have. Add links to do both :+1:t2:

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Go bold with letters, hard to read.
Add more pics as you get them.
If your insured, make it known
Add reviews

Just being picky lol

Worked great on android too!

Thats crazy. On my laptop the words are above the picture. have to check it out on my phohe. Glad to know it works on andriod and iphone though even though it changes my format lol. good idea ill have to check out how to add the reviews. insurance is next on my list lol. I think ill take my next couple jobs profit and get insurance.

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Get insured :sunglasses:

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Good start… a website has to be seen in order to be effective. To be honest you’ll have a hard time ranking that site on the 1st page of google.

Aim for 1500 words, with valuable content. Make sure to add key locations paired with key words. Make it natural though. Your aiming for what people will search… instance

Are you looking for pressure washing services in Lexington,KY? We are here to help …blaw blaw ( google/bing sees that as good content and relatable to someone searching “pressure washing services Lexington”

When your writing content, make it natural but with keywords carefully placed.

Good content with keywords is SEO in 2019.

Your location isn’t listed at all on your site.


Good advice! I’ll be spending the next few weeks evening going over everything and researching about SEO and ranking etc etc. If anything I would like something people can search when I tell them about me or they receive something in the mail/door hanger. I’d like to add some video to it as well.

1500 words. any good keywords you have had good luck with? other than locations. I’ll be putting that in right away.

“Google keyword generator” it’s free, try it :+1:t2:


Put up a gallery page of before and after shots. Label your pictures in your computer with your keywords instead of the numbers assigned to each picture by your camera. Google can read your picture meta data. Its a good, legit way to add more keywords.
Add more services, decks, pavers, retaining walls… They are all similar but they give the appearance of a well round company.


Plus one. Start researching wordpress web development asap, @ProfessionalWasher. You can leave your wix site up until you have a wordpress site built on your hosting, and then go live with the WP site as soon as you have it the way you want. This is definitely the time of year to get started the right way. Done correctly (provided you don’t have too much competition), you can start ranking by spring.


@Clean_Blue that’s a really important one! Takes a while, but definitely do this :+1:t2:

I just tried searching “High Pressure Cleaning Lennox Head” then hitting the “images” tab of Google. Pages of my website completely dominate the results. So it definitely works by renaming images.

@Infinity I wish I could find the time to study WP. It’s future proofing your website. No additional costs for updates and you can always help people out too on the side :ok_hand:t2:

I found a happy medium that gets me first hit Google where I live. It’s easy software with no programming and conforms to all the latest SEO and Google requirements.

I’m not sure I’m allowed to post a link/promote software here?

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You can link a product.

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@Clean_Blue ok - I use Create your website with WebSite X5, the #1 Site Builder in Italy


Here is my new updated site, taking yall advice I put my location in a few spots and few more keywords and tried to flow them into the sentences. changed the pictures around, edited the text so its much easier to read.

I am showing up on Maps search, depending on what keywords you use like 9th through the 20th lol. I signed up for a “site booster” $5 a month and puts my on some databases. eh whatever it was 5 bucks ill give it a try.

Looking for nit picking all around don’t be nice lol.

I would remove this picture. I don’t think it adds any value.

Which one are you referring to?

The blob of concrete. It looks like it should be hauled away.

This is impossible to read

Other then that from a quick glance it looks nice and clean.

Oh thats stone decor surrounding a garden. hmm I thought it looked nice LOL. Yeah i didnt even catch that one with the text not highlighted. I keep editing on my laptop, then it changes it in mobile version and ugh this website stuff is hard lol. thanks, getting on it!

It’s just one opinion so maybe it’s wrong. I think The image looks out of place. Almost like a home grown slab leading to the swamps.

No problem. My site could use some work too. It’s so tedious I’m ready to just pay someone. Not completely there yet.