Got my 2315, connectors not fitting?

Just got my spray gun and stainless fittings. Having worked on cars since my teens, I know not to force a nut or bolt when it stops dead. Not sure what’s going on, but it won’t hand tighten past this point.

The wand threads in fine.

NPT threads are tapered. The more you screw them in, the tighter they get. Don’t try to bottom them out. Put some high pressure thread sealer or ptfe tape on the threads. Wrap the tape in a clockwise direction on the threads to avoid peeling the tape loose as you screw in your fittings. Use two wrenches to avoid twisting the internal plumbing. The output fitting looks like it could be tightened more. The lance looks ok to me other than your missing thread sealer. PTFE tape has always worked best for me.


Ah, tapered…got it. I just hand threaded everything to check for fit, will get the teflon wrapped once I make it permanent.


I would recommend getting the rubber QC, way easier to work with

The purpose of the Teflon tape is to allow the fittings to tighten up by reducing the friction between the threads on a tapered fitting. They won’t get very tight by hand without the tape.


I never realized that. Learned something new!

Where do you buy your QC from

Best reliable people, ask for Lori, she is very helpful, since they dont have it listed.

This is a pic of my old gun.
But the connections are the same

Yes i like goofy ol lori. Shes sending me a wand right now ill get some QC from her soon need to stock up on a few

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Good to know. I’ve placed my first order with them. The items were a whole bunch cheaper. Shipping was a ton for ground but overall it was still much cheaper. I’ve heard good things about them.

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Did you talk to lori? Shipping was always higher unless i contacted her. I just like ordering from a person and not a website. Plus you can make sure exactly what your getting.


No, I should have. I was working under the assumption the web site was accurate. :frowning:

Worst website iv seen​:joy::joy::joy:

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Nothing like talking to a person on the other end

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There are a lot of reputable vendors out there who don’t lie and have professional ethics you can talk to on the phone as well. Just hate to see dishonest people profiting from and in this business

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Personally I prefer to do my ordering online.

Get your spam and ebay selling self off of the forum please