GOT GAS? cans

We went to this style last year. They are all that.,AAABrbZSuok~,H_WTaxB_AQ-hJ0sRHBAC586Z0nbWE0eZ&bctid=1924928863001

Pretty neat

Tim we use those too, they’re great, not the crazy “safe” spouts that aren’t.

can we buy the spout only?

We got ours from Amazon. The 2 1/2 gallon can is maybe $22.00. The replacement spout is $9.00.

I doubt that the spout fits other cans.

I’ll try to remember to check if it will fit our old cans next week.

I was very frustrated when the “new” safety spout came out a couple of years ago and longed for the days of the old free flowing spout.

These cans are ten times easier to use than the old original type open spouts.

They almost make life worth living again. :wink:

Never mind the spout… Where can I get the girl

The spout won’t fit any of the other cans, these aren’t cheap but they’re worth it.

I didnt see any gas can in that video…

Nice Cans!

wow, $30 a fiver? I think I will wait till the ones I have go bad and then get that 15gal rig. Anyone have experience with that?

That is pretty cool

Pm me your mailing address. I’m sending you one. (a half sizer, the 5 is too heavy) They are all that.

They knew what they were doing when they hired no-spill-Jill anyway. Those cans look good… the gas cans, I mean lol

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ill buy 10 if she delivers them!

I dont think that spout would hold up to heavy use. Sitting out on the trailer getting bounced around and looks like probably has lots of moving parts or float valve or springs in it. One more thing to break. I use the metal safety cans with yellow funnel. Lid shuts off the flow and funnel lets you pour into anything with ease

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I just open the trailer door and use the pump at the gas station.

Charlie, you’re young, you’ve got time. I’m old, I’m almost out of time. The cans/spouts have proven themselves to be very durable and much more predictable and controllable as far as spills. They also allow faster refills than anything else that I have ever used. If they cost a dollar more but allow me to get to the recliner quicker, they are worth every penny. :o

Me too, but now I only go to the gas station every other day.