Got a request to do a roof wash today

Hi everyone,
Guess it’s time to step up to the plate and say hello. (Can’t remember if I have before). I’m Damian Casillas with A.B. Window Cleaning. I’m sure I’ve met most of you before, Thad, Micah, some guy named Chris Lambrinides. Any ways, I’ve never really pushed pressure washing in my business till this summer. But thanks to the WCR postcards and a little over the phone sales magic we are doing really well with it this summer.

My equipment is a Landa PG 4-3500 cold water unit upgraded with a 5 gpm pump. We use the x-jet with 1 gal. 10% SH, 3 gals. water, 4 oz. simple cherry, and big squirt of Dawn soap to add some foam to the mix. All the homes out here are stucco that we’ve done so far.

I have two questions:

  1. How can I improve on my house wash mix?
    I have gotten pretty good results so far. I’m a little gun-shy about adding a second gal. of SH to the mix for fear of burning plants. Yes we water down the plants before and after each section of house we’re doing.

  2. How would I clean a red tile roof?
    I got a request today to clean a red tile roof. One story home. I know we can’t walk on the roof but we can get the ladders up against the roof and pressure wash from the ladders. I haven"t been out to see it yet but I’m assuming it has the typical black mold we see on most red tile roofs. Any advice on how to properly clean this roof would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks guys.