Gooseneck VS bumper pull trailers

I am going to be building a new 22’ x 7’ trailer soon with (2) 500 gallon water tanks. I keep going back and forth on a bumper pull trailer and a gooseneck trailer. Does anyone have experience with goosenecks? From what I have read, goosenecks are more stable and tow better, and I think they look better and more heavy duty. Here are the cons that I have thought of:

  • requires more space for storage
  • requires a truck with a gooseneck hitch, not any truck can tow it
  • I think in certain parking garages with steep incline ramps, the trailer could possibly drop down and damage the bed rails on the truck (I am not sure on this one)

If anyone has experience with this, please let me know what the pros/cons are, thanks

I have both types of trailers and there are advantages to both along with tires, rims, types of hitches…They all play a role in the performance and reliability of the trailer. www.GarageCleaning.Net. Go ahead and give me a call at 510-612-0437. I will help you…just too many things to list here and it is better if you call me so that i can be more specific with your questions and what you are wanting to know.