Google My Business Reviews Not Showing

Has anyone else had an issue where GMB notifies you of a new review though its not displaying? It’s happened 3 times in a week :confused:


Never. Try searching your business on some one elses computer or phone.

I’ve had an issue too. The numbers are there but not the review itself.

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Tried that, even asked others to check…same results :frowning:

Yup that’s exactly the issue. Folks are leaving reviews, we get notified, the total review count gets updated though the review cannot be found.

Very frustrating, tried contacting Google, still waiting for a human response.

There’s a way to request a call from Google if you search. I had to do it earlier this year and I got through to them. Do a quick Google search and I’m sure you’ll find it or find a contact number for Google my business. If I remembered how I did it I’d send you the link…

Yeah I had to do this too. They actually called me within an hour and were super helpful.

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Thanks Max :+1: will try that tomorrow.

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I had the same happen and show up later , I think google is just scrubbing them before

@garry.cooper you must be a conservative Republican. Google sensors Republicans now. Do a few Google searches on Socialism and Bernie Sanders then Google will post your reviews.


That’s funny ! Sad ,but funny

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Any updates on this bug. I had it happen as well but since my number when up I didn’t give it another thought.

I’ll try it, heck I’ll even stream some Rachel Maddow :face_vomiting:


We submitted a support request for a callback and are anxiously awaiting.

For anyone needing Google My Business support, use the following:

Got a call back from Google tech support today and spent about 40mins showing them the issue. No root cause to the issue, told me to give it a couple weeks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Gotta love it. Thanks for the update

Wish there was more to share :confused:

Make sure when talking to Google you choose your words correctly. Don’t use male, female pronouns when addressing customer service, talk about your anxiety and blame Trump. If not they won’t help you for a few weeks. :wink:


Now you tell me @Clean_Blue

Honest to God truth, when they first called and said, “This is Google calling.” I said BS and hung up, thinking it was a scammer! Then I realized it was the callback I was waiting for :roll_eyes: thankfully they called back.